Monday, January 21, 2008

Stash Anxiety and Frogging Projects

I finished the second wool/silk Blackberry Ridge Sock. Love them lots. I wore them yesterday when it was sub-zero, and my feet were very happy.
I also started these Garter Rib Top-down (I'm a chicken with toe-up) socks. I estimate that I can get a pair of socks out of the 2.2 oz I have. Hope that works out (yikes).

I frogged another finished project from years ago and am contemplating doing that to a few more. The sweater in question was an ill-fitting Cottage Creations Tunic from 2000 in a Galway Colornep Light Green Wool. I've made many of these sweaters over the years in tot-adult XL sizes. However, this one was too short and wide, which made it flare out in the back. I had plans to try out Ann Budd's Set in sleeve sweater. I think that style or the raglan are going to flatter my small-ish shoulders better than the massive drop sleeves of my early knitting days. Now you see it....

Now you don't....
I'm all so thinking about frogging another tunic in Cotton Fleece (again too big) and a Noro vest. With all of this yarn liberated from projects, my stash has increased slightly. After listening to Stash n' Burns podcast, I realize I'm not a big stash kind of person. It gives me anxiety. I think of all of those projects and I get a bit twitchy. That seems to make me enjoy each project less because I feel like I'm trying to work my way out from under a huge burden of yarn guilt. So, I think I need to keep the yarn to a moderate amount. I even feel bad about all of the leftovers from other projects, and need to get those used up as well. So, to get a few more yards and ounces out of the bins, I made these yesterday during the football games. A blanket for Lamby and a sweater for Baby Jason doll, as requested by my older boys.

I'm really wishing I could start one of these Northern Lights Shawls. Be still my beating heart. No yarn for it on hand, so must work on some current projects before I can even consider buying the yarn.

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