Friday, February 1, 2008

Light at the end of the tunnel

I am giddy due to the fact that January is over. What a loooong month it was this year! Lots of sick, snow, and cold. Although it is only in the 20's today, that is a vast improvement from the super sub zero temps from earlier this week. I have been finishing up more socks and contemplating what to make for larger projects, but without a lot of decisions. A quick update: I made two more sizes for my Rib-A-Roni hat, which I'll have to update to the pattern.
and baby.I also completed the green and blue Blackberry ridge sport wool socks in a garter rib and sock surgery on a pair of Mountain Colors Socks from 2000, which were knit at the wrong gauge (worsted spun confused with worsted weight, duh).
This worked very well and I may keep my my leftovers for doing this in the future. I hate to do ribbing on socks, so this was somewhat faster gratification to have that as a starting point.

I made some progress on the Bird in Hand mittens after I ripped back to the top of the cuff. It is easier going with the metal needles, so I'm determined to finish them. My reward knitting is now my "must finish before starting something else" knitting. Humph.

I started the Feather & Fan socks with Count Cluckula STR lightweight, which I completely love. Picture to come. I wanted to do their 2008 club, but the price was a bit much for me. The Dragon color for January (peeked on Ravelry) is very cool.

I also broke down and ordered some Kroy online (Jo-ann's) for socks. I haven't been able to find a gray I like or black for that matter and really needed those colors in my sock wardrobe. Now I need to find patterns for those that won't drive me batty with such dark colors.
I have an urgent desire to knit up a sweater from my stash, but can't decide what to make. I have too many ideas and not enough time to make big projects. So, I want to make something I'll really like. Ravelry is a help in that I get lots of ideas, but then I'm unable to pick one. Aaagh! Hopefully I'll decide on something once those mittens are done.


Amanda said...

I really love the color of your purpley-blue socks. Amazing that you are correcting them after finishing them, most people can't even finish a pair!

Jane said...

It is called Wild Iris, and I had 2 oz left from the first attempt taunting me to get it right. I love cutting up knitting! Feels very reckless.

Thanks for the comment!