Saturday, January 2, 2010

End of 2009/Plans for 2010

Well, 2009 ended up with me sick/injured for quite a bit of time, so it seems that the blog record has suffered. Here's how things ended up:

DONE Sweaters/big projects= 18 of 12 (#s for NaKniSweMoDo only):
1. Blue Brooks Farm Solo (EZ set in sleeve, v-neck sweater)-completed 1/12/09
2. Black Cascade 109 (SweaterBabe Vine Lace Cardigan)-completed 2/11/09
3. Plucky Knitter Merino Sock (top down u-neck)-completed 3/2/09
a. Blues Cascade 109 (Kiki Rug/Mason Dixon book)-completed 3/13/09
4. Ruby Port Sundara FSM (Henley Perfected Sweater)-completed 3/15/09
5. Savoir Faire Plucky Knitter MCN Sport (top down W. Bernard-style)-completed 4/20/09
6. Black Parade Smooshy Sock (Featherweight Cardigan)-completed 5/18/09
7. Tan Ella Rae Worsted (Cassidy cabled cardigan)-completed 5/25/09
8. Plum Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece (Buttercup top)-completed 5/29/09
9. Plum Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece (3rd try sweater)-completed 6/2/09
10. Peacock Plucky Knitter fingering 50 silk/50 merino-completed 6/18/09
11. Black Cascade 220 Superwash (Slinky Ribs henley)- completed 7/7/09
12. LE Music of the Night Sundara FSM (Apres Surf Sans Hoodie)-completed 8/4/09

13. LE The Celebration Sundara FSM (Liesl)-completed 8/15/09

14. LE Second Look Sundara Sock (February Lady)-completed 9/9/09
15. Duchess Madelinetosh Wren (Evening Shrug)-completed 9/17/09
16. Black Cascade 109 (Anise)-completed 10/04/09
17. Soot KnitPicks Lace Wt (Whisper Cardigan)-completed 11/9/09
18. Wisteria Madelinetosh Worsted (Tea Leaves)-completed 11/26/09

DONE For others projects=29! of 12
18. socks for mom
19. socks for W
20. socks for A
21. socks for L
22. Daybreak for mom
23. Rib-a-roni Malabrigo Twist for L
24. Rib-a-roni Plucky MCN worsted Morticia for Jon
25. Vest for baby G
26. felted bag for AEA
27. socks for Jon
28. Rib-a-roni Malabrigo Twist for BB
29. STOCKING for L

Overall, I'm very pleased with how these two large projects turned out. I never thought I'd make both goals honestly. I still have tons of sweater yarn and sock yarn to use, but it felt very good to make all those gifts for my family and friends. I love it that my family is enjoying wearing handmade socks. Very satisfying for a knitter.

For 2010, my goals are Knitting Everest and 10 Shawls in 2010. My KE project is to spin up all (seriously) my fiber stash and make projects from some of it (not necessarily all of it). I'm nearly done with the alpaca. I think the alpaca will become a Moderne Log Cabin blanket (Mason-Dixon pattern). I have a lot of natural wool colors, one in enough for a full sweater, maybe 2 vests/tops, or lots of colorwork. I've also updated my spinning records. I have some fiber I may destash as well. I can't buy any new fiber until this is gone.

For 10 shawls, I need to do at least two over 546 yards (500 m), with the rest over 273 yards (250 m). I'm working on the first one (Citron in Knit Picks lace).

I'm still interested in IntSweMoDo2010, but I may only try for 6 sweaters.

Ravelympics will be two projects (so far)-Sundara and ESK. I think that is all I'm going to attempt.

I'm also on a bit of a yarn diet. I'm going to try my yarn knit and not buy anything until the Knit-In in March (unless it is for a gift).

Those are the goals. After seeing the results of last year, I'm realizing that I need to set them to keep focused and stay motivated. I also like seeing the FO pictures in the Ravelry groups.