Tuesday, February 17, 2009

NaKniSweMoDo--Sort of

After nearly 8 months since my last post, I've decided to dust off the old blog. Many people in the knitting world are participating in NaKniSweMoDo, which is basically a group trying to knit 12 adult size sweaters in 2009. At first I thought that sounded insane. However, I realized that it could be done and decided to make up my own version of it. I'm going to try to post my monthly goals and progress as I work through the year. Hopefully.

My version started off with doing a "Six of one, half dozen of the other" plan. I wanted to knit 6 sweaters and make 6 pairs of socks for other people. At the time, I only had about 6 sweaters worth of yarn, but that has changed slightly. So, here's my planning:

Sweaters or big projects:
1. Blue Brooks Farm Solo (EZ set in sleeve, v-neck sweater)-completed 1/12/09
2. Black Cascade 109 (SweaterBabe Vine Lace Cardigan)-completed 2/11/09
3. Ruby Port Sundara FSM (Henley Perfected Sweater)-current project
4. Plucky Knitter Merino Sock (top down v-neck)
5. Grey Cascade 220
6. Black Cascade 220
7. Tan Ella Rae
8. Artist Choice Sundara Sport Merino
9. Second Look Sundara Sock
10. Blues Cascade 109 Rug (Kiki/Mason Dixon book)
11. Second black Cascade 109 sweater
12. Reassemble Drops Cardigan (steek & chop off the excess body width)

For others:
1. Tan Louet fingering (Jon socks)-completed 1/19/09
2. Tan Louet sport (Jon socks)-current project
3. Cordovan Malabrigo (Jon socks)
4. Black Walnut Pigeon Roof Studios sock (Jon socks)
5. Black Plucky Knitter MCN worsted (Jon hat)
6. Velvet Grapes Malabrigo chunky (mom's unoriginal hat)-completed 1/16/09
7. Cuarzo Malabrigo worsted (mom's unoriginal hat)-completed 1/16/09
8. Tuareg Malabrigo worsted (Sam's unoriginal hat)-completed 1/2/09

There are lots of socks skeins piling up that could make a sweater, if I wanted to do a Tempest (from Knitty). Or I could make some socks for my mom, Anyway that is the status, as of today.

Here's a few FO pics: