Monday, February 18, 2008

Pretty flowers and a nearly FO

After complaining about too much snow, we got a change in pace and had freezing rain and sleet (topped with more snow) this weekend. So much fun! Nothing like being housebound with three energetic boys! I think we are up to 84" of snow this year (last was 28", average is around 40"). Spring is just around the corner, I hope. I cut some forsythia twigs to force indoors, hoping for a little color to get me through. Lovely V-day flowers (by way of also helped. Love ya babe!
I have been making progress on my Galway sweater made from frogged yarn (Tunic). I am nearly done with the bottom ribbing and both sleeves are completed. Just the neck rib and weaving in a lot of ends left to do. I'm fairly pleased with the results. A good wash and some blocking will be the final proof if this was a good experiment. Photo here of the status sometime this weekend:
I am working on the Count Cluckula socks, and am hoping they won't be too tight. Still loving the colors.Still no more movement on the Bird in Hand Mittens. My sights are looking toward making a shawl of some sort. I have no idea by. Not too lacey or fussy, more Brooklyntweed-y. Most likely I'll be trying some sort of Feather and Fan comfort shawl variation. Others are on my radar, but would require yarn purchase, so I'd like to see if I like the one from stashy leftovers first.

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