Thursday, February 7, 2008

More snow=more knitting

Yet another storm has hit us hard this week. Sigh. I really love the snow, but enough already! Knitting progress is being made on several fronts. I am working on these socks:
which I love. Socks That Rock Count Cluckula, Feather & Fan pattern. I love them so much that I'm not knitting them too fast, just to make it last longer. I love the dark gray and black in these stripes. LOVE them.

I also frogged the second Tunic sweater and now have 7 skeins worth of Cotton Fleece yarn to make my top down wrap cardi. Woo hoo! Free yarn, sort of.
I have also made serious progress on my Incredible Custom-fit Raglan with the frogged Galway green wool. I'm past the divide for the body and have started the waist shaping. This is the first time I've tried this, so I hope it looks nice. I'm making a sweater with minimal ease, because I think the baggy fit doesn't do me any good. Somehow the picture didn't work on the camera. Progress picture to come.

I also bought some Malabrigo Worsted in black (which is sort of sad considering the lovely colors this yarn comes in). I decided I needed to make a plain black hat to go with the not completed Bird in Hand Mittens. I love the softness of the yarn; no pattern yet planned.
I have so many projects planned or in the planning stages right now. I think the current batch of start-itis and plan-itis is due to the weather. Feels like we are making no progress toward spring, so I need the diversion. Luckily the Garden Expo is this weekend. I am soooo looking forward to seeing green plants, even if it is in a large expo hall.

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ionadreams said...

I seem to have a case of start-itis\plan-itis also. It could be just plain old spring fever. I actually heard a bird chirping outside this morning. Poor thing. He must have been freezing.