Wednesday, January 2, 2008

A new start

Happy New Year! 2007 ended with little fanfare, but that was ok. We were all sick with colds or recovering from colds, so our plans to head out for a night of family fun were replaced with a trip to Target for a new light saber instead.

Looking back, 2007 was a good year for knitting. I realized that with taking care of my family, I really needed the outlet, mental activity, and sense of accomplishment I feel from knitting. I was pretty productive too: 9 sweaters/vest, 6 pr. socks, 12 hats, 1 pr. mitts, 1 scarf, 10 household objects, 3 felted bags, 3 doll outfits. I really got the sock mojo back, which was fun. I stopped making them for a while, but all of the new sock yarns called me back and I realized how much fun they were to knit, tiny needles and all. Here's the last pair of 2007: finished these as we were pulling into the garage from our holiday travels. Half Jaywalkers in Socks that Rock Medium Wt-Valkryie. I only did the pattern on the leg.The yarn left dye on my hands and birch needles as I knit, but left very little in the water when washed by hand. Hoping that my feet don't turn color when I wear them. It was a very Star Wars Christmas, so the force is definitely with these socks.

I had a felting episode again and whipped out 3 boxes/bowls in about 36 hours. The rainbow ones are leftovers from a non-used Blackberry Ridge sock kit (100 % wool, sport wt doubled). I followed the general principals from Mason-Dixon's book for one, and improvised for the other. The third is Soy Wool Stripes using info from this pattern, but modified to be worked bottom up and larger. They are drying now, so pictures to come. The SWS felted great and the stripes are very pretty. I usually don't buy yarn from Michael's but this one is a lot of fun.

Update on the Monkey socks: the yarn was too busy for the pattern, so I'm just making a plain sock. We'll see if the Monkey pattern will work with some of the new STR yarn I ordered (as a gift certificate) or I'll look for a plain Knit Picks yarn.

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