Monday, January 14, 2008

Broken record...I'm making socks

As new snow is falling gently outside, I am working diligently at keeping myself toasty today. A pair of socks were finished last week and the second (Tofutsies) is about 10 rows short of being done. The finished Broadripples, Blackberry Ridge 100% wool, sport wt in kool-aid colorsThey were fun, so I dug up some more of my Blackberry Ridge former sock kit yarn and made plans. I overdyed some white/lime green yarn with blue food coloring to make some more socks. Here's the before (a bit too electric for my tastes): and after (muted with a touch of light blue).I also have some of their taupe wool/silk blend sport wtwhich may be turned into a pair of cable socks. That is largely dependent on the napping situation today.

I reexamined my Socks that Rock haul and noticed that my Count Cluckula is light wt (as is the Lucy, Backstabber was medium). The are all so fun, but now I'm obsessed with trying to find the perfect pattern for each. I discovered I can search on Ravelry for projects by their colorway too, so I was able to see some of the socks already made up. Very cool. However, I didn't know that Lucy was named for Wendy Knits cat. I'm not much of a cat person, but I do like Siamese cats in general, so I guess it is ok.

I nearly ripped up my Bird in Hand mittens, because the size 2 wood needles with worsted wt yarn was making me excessively crabby. However, a quick trip to the yarn shop to pick up a set of metal 2s made all the difference. I've done 10 rows into the palm and they look nice. My tension with the left hand is kind of bad, due to the crazy gauge issue. No picture, they look strikingly similar to the last post about them.

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