Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Fall is in the air

I put up a bunch more F.O. in the galleries to the right. I still have a lot of my sweaters to photograph, but I'm getting there. It seems like it is time consuming to do them, but it is fun to see what I've gotten done. However, I've noted a serious lack of productivity after having kids. I used to be able to cruise through projects super fast. Oh well. I love knitting for them, so it all evens out I guess. Speaking of, I'm dreaming up my own design for the Baby. He is so cute and LITTLE, so it is a quick project to be sure.

Recently completed and ready to send are the three sweaters for the American Girls Dolls. I did two cardigans for the big girls and a Harlot-inspired poncho for the Bitty.

I also have been working on the Broad Ripples Pattern from Knitty. It uses Fixation yarn which is a cotton/elastic combo. It has been with me for a while and needed to be used. It took some getting used to, being that it is cotton and stretchy. I'm nearly done with the first sock. See?I hope I don't run out of yarn. If so, they are going to be gift socks for a small footed friend. I need to get these done so that I can start some of the Trekking XXL sock yarn I've picked up. I found a new yarn store nearby and bought some in a beautiful purple color. And some baby pink yarn spoke to me for a new cousin to arrive this winter. Pattern yet to be decided, but it is a merino & cashmere blend. Yum!

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