Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Emergency hat!

Fall has snuck up on me and I woke to some pretty chilly weather today. While getting the boys ready for our walk, I discovered that the Baby did not have a fall hat! I've made the older boys their own and saved them, so no hand-me-downs allowed on this one. I've picked out some cute leftovers of an orange/yellow/red Encore yarn which should fit the bill nicely. Now if he'd only sleep, then I'd be able to start it.

I finished my "computer knitting" piece; a Knitpicks Cotlin dish towel. I used sand stitch: 1)knit, 2)k1, p1, 3)knit, 4)p1, k1. Easy to remember and easy to tell if you make a mistake. I wish I had made it narrower/longer and more of a non-rolling egde. It looks like pique a bit. We'll see how it washes & dries. Love the color. Idea was from Mason-Dixon knitting, which is a good book.

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