Monday, November 12, 2007

Retreat and compensation

I gave up on the Jaywalkers using the Knit Picks Essentials Meadows Multi. The yarn was fighting too hard and wanted to be plain socks apparently. So boring, spiraling socks they shall be. I really like the yarn, but will try it in a plain color next time.
To compensate for all that hard work down the tubes, I bought Socks that Rock in Valkarie. Yum! I love black and was wishing it was more common in the sock yarn world. Lo and behold, Blue Moon just debuted a new Raven Clan color line. I also figured out that if I got the medium weight, it would be enough to make two pairs of socks for me. The Jaywalkers will look nice with this type of yarn instead I am hoping.

I was feeling very frustrated with 3 days of sock knitting frogged, so I decided to do some quick knits to make myself feel better. Nothing says happy like ditching the size 1 needles for size 15! I used up some stash Ecological Wool (Cascade) and made two Button Hole Bags from Mas0n-Dixon's blog. They turned out fine, but I wish I would have made one big bag instead. Oh well. Next time.
My next triumph was to use up some scrap Patons Classic Merino in yellow, blue and mauve from a long time ago. I whipped up some bowls and a hot pad on size 8s. My laundry room has many buttons lying around which were begging for a cute little holding pen until I got out the thread to sew them on. The buttons like to hang out with the loose change I find too. The others bowls will be snatched up by my older sons for Lego warmers or rock beds, etc.
We had a wonderful warm November day today so all my pictures were taken outside on the porch. I even knit on the sock a bit during nap time sitting out there. Got to love Global Warming!


Cactusneedles said...

How does the Ecological wool felt? I'm making a bag with it and am curious...Thanks! Have a great one! :)

Jane said...

It felted pretty well. Some stitches were still visible after two cycles, so I might run it thru one more time. I liked knitting with it and would buy it again.

Tikkunknitter said...

I've used the Eco wool many times for felted clogs with great success. But I'll use just about anything that's recycled as well ... got to fight that global warming!
Welcome to the ring.

NH Knitting Mama said...

Nice blog! I have enjoyed surfing around and reading about you tonight. Welcome to the webring!

Jane said...

Thanks for the welcomes! I'm glad to be a part of the ring. It is inspiring to see what everyone else creates.