Wednesday, November 7, 2007


I have torn out my forth start to my Jaywalker Socks this afternoon. Here's the history:
-carefully knit and wash swatch, select size 2 needles instead of size 1s in pattern.
-start sock with 76 stitches...realize I'm not making knee highs...frog
-start on size 2s with 68 sts...still too big...frog
-start on 1s with 68 sts...finally fits but huge lighting bolts in brown, lime & magenta forming...carefully frog back to second row...
-use second ball to combat flashing only to realize I started it in the wrong place. If continued, sock will have one color on each side only...frog
-cast on again, but joining yarn in a better spot. We'll see if this works. I know I have narrow feet, but give me a break!

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