Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sewing up a storm

Lots of new FOs, of the fabric nature...

-1 scrappy pillowcase from a stripe from Connecting Threads and the leftovers from my Ten Little Things binding. 9/10/2012

-3 Mastermind pillowcases 9/14/2012

-3 Mastermind journal covers 9/17/2012

-a scrappy Mastermind wall hanging for my husband's office (my sneaker toes for scale). I used the remnant of the grey fleece from the Ten Little Things quilt. 9/19/2012

And for a big project: first days of fall, cooler temperatures, and a finished quilt. Pretty awesome.
This was hand-quilted weeks ago, but I had to wait to get a walking foot to finish it. The binding on this was much easier to sew on, now that I have a bit of experience and the correct tools to work with. Finished size 68"x84", 9/23/2012.

I actually finished another quilt top using the Mastermind fabric using a modified Turning 20 pattern (9/14/2012). I forgot to take a picture of it when it was done, but here's a bit of in-progress.

Currently, the quilt is at the long-arm quilter's house. I should have it back in November. I hope it looks great. The pattern was pretty simple and hope that the fancy quilting will spice it up a bit.

I also cut out the pieces for my Fox Hollow Quilt and picked out the binding (pink), backing (sage dots), and batting (warm & white) this past weekend. Trying to maximize my FQs. I decided to use the 13 (4 solid, 9 pattern) to make a simple brick pattern. Each piece is 6x11. I prewashed my fabrics. There was a lot of white and red in a few of the pieces and I wanted to see if any thing would run (it didn't). I'm saving the cute "cheater" FQ for another project. That pattern wasn't squared up on the fabric and it annoys me to have warped lines on an angular project. This quilt will be a bit smaller than twin size. I'm thinking I'll either hand-quilt again or have it machine quilted.

Once this quilt is done, I am planning on starting either a king-size (probably in blues) or a queen-size picnic quilt (in reds, greys/blacks, or greens.). I think that will be my 8th quilt (4 baby size, 3 twin). I love the larger sizes. They seem much more useful, but I'm going to have to figure out the quilting part (i.e. long-arm or buy a machine that I can use for free motion). I don't know if I can hand-quilt those big sizes.

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