Thursday, February 28, 2008

Maybe finished

Well, I may have finished my green sweater (ripped from the Tunic, 2000). Top down custom fit raglan, with shaping on the body using Galway Color Nep wool (size 7 needles). I had the whole body done and then tried it on...I looked like I had wooly love handles! So, my shaping is not really what most shaping directions suggest to do. Lesson learned. I ripped back to the waist and reknit straight and only did one set of increases, in dart fashion 1 inch before the ribbing. I also learned that by doing a massive increase on the row before the ribbing, I was able to have my ribbing not pull in too much or pucker in the back. Second lesson learned. Very cool to see how that worked out. I may be done, except that the sleeves could be 1 inch shorter. I can live with it, but after this much work, I may just want it as good as I can make it. Here's the Green Redo Sweater:Close up of the shaping (or lack of it):

I also have been stash busting my Nature Spun Sport Wt yarns left over from 6 Cottage Creations Norski Toddler Sweaters. The pattern is Feather & Fan Comfort Shawl. Lots of fun on size 7 needles. I only have about 8 oz of 8 colors, so I'm trying to create narrow-medium width stripes, and keep it look orderly, yet slightly random.
I don't know if I am a shawl person, but this was a fun, easy pattern and sort of free yarn (stash scraps count as free, right?). Now, to find a place to block it in a house filled with boys...that will be the challenge!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Diamond Back Argyle Vest Pattern

Last fall, I mentioned I was working on designing a project for my boys. I had some left over Wool of the Andes from Knit Picks and tried my hand at argyle and intarsia for the first time. This vest for my baby was the result.
Too Cute! To size it up for the big boys required a reworking of the original design. So I tweaked it a bit and now have a pattern for sale (hopefully soon) on Ravelry. Their version is called Diamond Back Argyle Vest ($US 4.00).
If someone would like to test knit this for me, I'll send you a free pdf. Drop me an email at knitjaneknit at gmail dot com

Edited to add: this pattern is now FREE as a Ravelry download. Enjoy!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Pretty flowers and a nearly FO

After complaining about too much snow, we got a change in pace and had freezing rain and sleet (topped with more snow) this weekend. So much fun! Nothing like being housebound with three energetic boys! I think we are up to 84" of snow this year (last was 28", average is around 40"). Spring is just around the corner, I hope. I cut some forsythia twigs to force indoors, hoping for a little color to get me through. Lovely V-day flowers (by way of also helped. Love ya babe!
I have been making progress on my Galway sweater made from frogged yarn (Tunic). I am nearly done with the bottom ribbing and both sleeves are completed. Just the neck rib and weaving in a lot of ends left to do. I'm fairly pleased with the results. A good wash and some blocking will be the final proof if this was a good experiment. Photo here of the status sometime this weekend:
I am working on the Count Cluckula socks, and am hoping they won't be too tight. Still loving the colors.Still no more movement on the Bird in Hand Mittens. My sights are looking toward making a shawl of some sort. I have no idea by. Not too lacey or fussy, more Brooklyntweed-y. Most likely I'll be trying some sort of Feather and Fan comfort shawl variation. Others are on my radar, but would require yarn purchase, so I'd like to see if I like the one from stashy leftovers first.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

More snow=more knitting

Yet another storm has hit us hard this week. Sigh. I really love the snow, but enough already! Knitting progress is being made on several fronts. I am working on these socks:
which I love. Socks That Rock Count Cluckula, Feather & Fan pattern. I love them so much that I'm not knitting them too fast, just to make it last longer. I love the dark gray and black in these stripes. LOVE them.

I also frogged the second Tunic sweater and now have 7 skeins worth of Cotton Fleece yarn to make my top down wrap cardi. Woo hoo! Free yarn, sort of.
I have also made serious progress on my Incredible Custom-fit Raglan with the frogged Galway green wool. I'm past the divide for the body and have started the waist shaping. This is the first time I've tried this, so I hope it looks nice. I'm making a sweater with minimal ease, because I think the baggy fit doesn't do me any good. Somehow the picture didn't work on the camera. Progress picture to come.

I also bought some Malabrigo Worsted in black (which is sort of sad considering the lovely colors this yarn comes in). I decided I needed to make a plain black hat to go with the not completed Bird in Hand Mittens. I love the softness of the yarn; no pattern yet planned.
I have so many projects planned or in the planning stages right now. I think the current batch of start-itis and plan-itis is due to the weather. Feels like we are making no progress toward spring, so I need the diversion. Luckily the Garden Expo is this weekend. I am soooo looking forward to seeing green plants, even if it is in a large expo hall.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Light at the end of the tunnel

I am giddy due to the fact that January is over. What a loooong month it was this year! Lots of sick, snow, and cold. Although it is only in the 20's today, that is a vast improvement from the super sub zero temps from earlier this week. I have been finishing up more socks and contemplating what to make for larger projects, but without a lot of decisions. A quick update: I made two more sizes for my Rib-A-Roni hat, which I'll have to update to the pattern.
and baby.I also completed the green and blue Blackberry ridge sport wool socks in a garter rib and sock surgery on a pair of Mountain Colors Socks from 2000, which were knit at the wrong gauge (worsted spun confused with worsted weight, duh).
This worked very well and I may keep my my leftovers for doing this in the future. I hate to do ribbing on socks, so this was somewhat faster gratification to have that as a starting point.

I made some progress on the Bird in Hand mittens after I ripped back to the top of the cuff. It is easier going with the metal needles, so I'm determined to finish them. My reward knitting is now my "must finish before starting something else" knitting. Humph.

I started the Feather & Fan socks with Count Cluckula STR lightweight, which I completely love. Picture to come. I wanted to do their 2008 club, but the price was a bit much for me. The Dragon color for January (peeked on Ravelry) is very cool.

I also broke down and ordered some Kroy online (Jo-ann's) for socks. I haven't been able to find a gray I like or black for that matter and really needed those colors in my sock wardrobe. Now I need to find patterns for those that won't drive me batty with such dark colors.
I have an urgent desire to knit up a sweater from my stash, but can't decide what to make. I have too many ideas and not enough time to make big projects. So, I want to make something I'll really like. Ravelry is a help in that I get lots of ideas, but then I'm unable to pick one. Aaagh! Hopefully I'll decide on something once those mittens are done.