Wednesday, October 24, 2007

To Darn or not

I used to say that I would darn a bunch of my old socks and never have. However, I grabbed a pair yesterday and realized I had a choice. Either I suck it up and get the matching yarn from my stash to darn the toe, or I'd lose this pair of socks. They aren't my favorite ones, but I've had them since 1999. One more day of wear vs. 5 minutes of pidley mattress stitching. I'm glad I tried it and saved the pair for one more wear. Realistically, this will be the last season of wear for these lovely October Blackberry Ridge wool/silk socks. The bottoms are nearly thread bare. The side of the toe seams to be my "Achilles heel" as I seem to ruin that part first. Reinforcing the toes doesn't seem so dumb after all.

In other socky news, I finished one pair of the purple Trekking XXL socks. I tried to hunt down the next repeat for the second sock and realized that I didn't have it. So , I'll have fraternal instead of identical socks. I'm new to this type of color shifting sock yarn and don't know if there will be a matching point. The first one is just terrific, so I'm motivated to finish the pair.

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