Friday, October 12, 2007

Christine's baby booties

I picked up this pattern when I purchased my Trekking XXL at a yarn shop. Now, I've been knitting for nearly 10 years, and I couldn't wrap my brain around this simple pattern. It is sort of vague, but give me a break! It must be the sleep-deprived haze I've been living in since my baby decided to sleep in 45 minute stretches all night long. It is a miracle I can still find the computer, let alone type. Anyway. I seriously was going to bury this pattern in the backyard and then I just figured out my own way of doing the instep. I basically just did it like a heel on a standard sock. They redeemed themselves by being incredibly cute and the stripes matched up nicely.

Once the booties were conquered I cast on the Trekking XXL purple. I also got a shipment in from Knitpicks with a host of Wool for my boys and some sock yarn to make Jaywalkers. It's Essentials Multi "Meadow". It surprised me because it is very brown. The picture made it look dark green in the catalog. Oh well.

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