Monday, December 10, 2007

Hats R' Us

I have been a hat knitting machine over the past few days. The option to receive a personally knitted item for Christmas List giving was a huge success. People placed their orders last week and I have been a busy girl. I got the fun of picking out yarn, the fun of knitting, the fun of not shopping at the mall, and the hopeful fun of seeing my handy work enjoyed by a family member. Yippee! Why did I not do this sooner?!?

Here's what I've got so far:
A sleeping hat for Hubby's stocking gift (which I already gave him). He shaves his head and doesn't like the drafts while he's sleeping. Based on the Ribbed Beanie pattern, with my own tweaking. The yarn (Super Nova Chunky Sirdar) was a frogged hat I made for him a few years ago. I got the sizing wrong and thought I'd try again.

An Unoriginal Hat for SIL #1 in Sulka (Marisol) Snow White, which is really a cream/off white. This yarn is just lovely and the money is used to fund a school for the shepherds' children.
An Unoriginal Hat for SIL #2 in Rowan's Cashsoft Chunky Thunder Gray. Part cashmere, springy yarn. Prewashed picture:
A Calorimetry in Savoy (Tahki) Black...will be started today. With all of the gauge issues and fit issues, I'm going to swatch a bit first.
My BIL just asked for a black scarf. We'll see what I come up with for that. I really want to finish my Jaywalkers and my mom's purple linen towel as well as the Bird in Hand Mittens. I don't want to do something on tiny needles and plain knitting. Hopefully I can convince him to use a fun pattern or a tweedy yarn.

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