Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Black and White

I think we are experiencing our snowiest December on record, or it seems that way. The snow piles are so huge right now, I can barely add to them when we shovel. I usually am wearing a baby on my back (in a pack), so shoveling is hard enough. The upside of the weather is that it seems to produce great results in the knitting department. Also, getting ready for Christmas by knitting gifts has produced a nice line up of quick projects. Behold....

Two of Calorimetry: The larger of the two is a gift for my mother-in-law (a requested item) made of Savoy (Tahki) wool/silk. I had enough to make the smaller version for myself. I did a 96 sts cast on for hers and 88 for mine. This pattern is a good starting point, but I did a bit of messing around in the process. I hope she likes it. I did little ties to make it more adjustable than a button for hers. I sewed my ends together after taking the picture on mine. I'm pretty sure that my head's going to stay the same size.

Ribbed hat: made for a 5 year old who's head is as big as his mom's. Yikes! This kid is going to be a giant. I'll be lucky if I'm taller than him by the time he's 8. I was going for a more youth- looking hat to match his new winter coat. Successful, non?

A scarf from my Brother-in-law: based off the Scarf Askew (requested item). I heard this scarf, as written, rolled a lot. I modified it a bit and it still rolls, but he'll wear it only two times a year when he visits the midwest. I'm hoping some wet blocking will make it look flat for the gift giving moment. The yarn is Ultra Alpaca.

Jaywalker Socks update: Have 1 done and started the second one. I love my adaptation of increasing and decreasing the stitch count to give me a fab fit, if I say so myself.

Noticing a trend....all of these projects are black. The next project is a red/gray version of the hat for my middle son. Color!

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