Monday, June 29, 2009

Dane Shawl

I got bit by the lace designing bug last week and HAD to write up this pattern. It is a styled like a traditional Danish shawl (more of a heart-shaped triangle). Those shawls use garter stitch, so I made up a variation of the Oriel lace pattern to incorporate garter stitch (Oriella). I love it! I'm having it test knit and the pattern will be up as soon as I hear back from one or more of them. Here's what it looks like:

Dane Shawl
(knit in Knit Picks Gloss-bare, US6 needles)

Now I'm testing it in Sundara Sock, US7 needles

The response has been amazing so far and I want to make sure it is error free before I put the links up on Ravelry--it will be free. Hopefully it will only be a week or two.


Fold And Unfold said...

It's amazing Jane!!!! I love your works!!! When you'll can, put here the links! ok?
I'm sorry for my english, I'm from Brazil and always come back to here for see your knits!
thank you!

Morandia said...

if you need another tester, let me know.... I have some wollmeise sock yarn that I think would look stunning!

Cadi said...

So beautiful. :-) I'm knitting one now. Thank you for sharing your lovely pattern.