Thursday, April 2, 2009

End March/April Plans

Well, the second half of March was a weird one from the knitting perspective. I lost the wind in my sweater sails and decided to take a break. Nothing seemed to match up pattern/yarn wise and rather than commit to a yucky project I decided to work on a few smaller projects for me...with mixed results.

A recap: sweaters/big projects= 5 of 12, for others projects=8 of 12

Sweaters or big projects:
1. Blue Brooks Farm Solo (EZ set in sleeve, v-neck sweater)-completed 1/12/09
2. Black Cascade 109 (SweaterBabe Vine Lace Cardigan)-completed 2/11/09
3. Plucky Knitter Merino Sock (top down v-neck)-completed 3/2/09
4. Blues Cascade 109 Rug (Kiki/Mason Dixon book)-completed 3/13/09
5. Ruby Port Sundara FSM (Henley Perfected Sweater)-completed 3/15/09
6. Plucky Knitter MCN Sport Savoir Faire (top down W. Bernard-style)-started 4/1/09
. Grey Cascade 220
. Black Cascade 220
. Tan Ella Rae
. Artist Choice Sundara Sport Merino
. Second Look Sundara Sock
. Second black Cascade 109 sweater
. Reassemble Drops Cardigan (steek & chop off the excess body width)
. Handspun grey salish wool (or several options to choose from)

For others:
1. Tan Louet fingering (Jon socks)-completed 1/19/09
2. Tan Louet sport (Jon socks)-completed 2/27/09
3. Tan Louet sport (Mom socks)-completed 3/1/09
4. Velvet Grapes Malabrigo chunky (mom's unoriginal hat)-completed 1/16/09
5. Cuarzo Malabrigo worsted (mom's unoriginal hat)-completed 1/16/09
6. Tuareg Malabrigo worsted (Sam's unoriginal hat)-completed 1/2/09
7. Black Plucky Knitter MCN worsted (Jon hat)-completed 3/3/09
8. Black Walnut Pigeon Roof Studios sock (Jon socks)-completed 3/22/09
9. Cordovan Malabrigo (Jon socks)-started
. Plucky Knitter Merino Sock Nessie (Jon socks)

Smaller FO-
-I made an Ishbel scarf out of Zen Yarn Garden Serenity (MCN base) yarn. Whoa, did that yarn bleed! I am actually sending it back to resteam/set the dye.
-I also knit up an awesome hat (rinsessa-pipo) from Ulla-a Finnish knitting online mag. It is Plucky Knitter MCN Worsted. Love it dearly.
-I knit up Pointsettia from Knitty in the scraps of my Sundara FSM Ruby Port. Love that base so much!
=Three red/burgundy projects in a row! Pretty funny, but I love that color and I have a pair of mittens that needed a hat/scarf combo for years. If the scarf can get set, it will be lovely. Ishbel is a great & fun pattern.
-Made a pair of purple socks from Tess's Twinkle Toes and a Nancy Buch (Vintage Socks) pattern/Silk Socks for a 5 or 6 year old. Very pretty, but the yarn showed quite a bit of wear after the first wearing. :(

My Kiki rug is still sitting in the corner in a time out. I really need to give it one more run in the washer to felt the edges. Also a bit disappointing! Oh well, so goes life sometimes.

April goals:
-make the next sweater
-finish Jon's socks in Cordovan and start the Nessie ones.
-figure out an Aran to make with my grey Cascade 220 and do some swatching.
-get Kiki felted and sew down the edges.

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